Eco & Green Living

Single-use plastic is public enemy #1 and we are waging a war to replace it with bamboo wherever possible.  Did you know that bamboo - 

  1. actually captures CO2 (key greenhouse gas) while growing, at the rate of about 149.9 tons per hectare - a staggering carbon capture rate
  2. regulates the quantity and quality of water, which are essential characteristics when managing watersheds
  3. is washable, reusable, and is also 100% bio-degradable upon disposal
  4. provides a great host for diverse Fauna and Flora - a mature forest of bamboo greatly favors the establishment of different animal species and understory plants that prefer to grow in these conditions.

A material that in many applications, has a negative carbon footprint!

As individuals or businesses, the choices we make can have a real impact in carbon footprint reduction.  Browse some cool options here.