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Stock - Honda Shadow (2010)

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The Country Cruiser 

Honda Shadow (2010)

Bob is still in love and riding this lazy fat long distance big camp gear hauler.  Lots of camp kit room in 2 x Givi hard side cases for a night to the jungle, a BBQ at the waterfalls or beach, or a full-out month-long romp from China down to Phú Quốc. 

Comfortable, slow and lazy, and not going to impress anyone or get any attention at all.  Just blend right into the landscape, find the top third of fifth gear, and just ride, baby ride.  Its all you wanna do.  Am I right?

Comes fully equipped and ready to roll:

  • smartphone holder
  • dual Givi quick-release hard side bags 
  • crash bars
  • dual night rider LED cannons 
  • 2 bags of the best coffee you have ever had, with a phin or camp cooker of your choice

This Shadow is really a great choice for cruising the day away, enjoying the landscape, and ignoring the rest of the world.  Guaranteed 100% covid-free moto.  Just try to find this kind of two wheeled moto heaven value anywhere but glorious Vietnam.  

Buy-back option available if you want to ride & fly.  

Ship-home service also available. 

Ride safe.


    Purchase:  CAD$2,000   / VND ₫36.3 million

    Monthly Rental:   CAD$300 / VND ₫2.5 million

Location:  Đà Nẵng - Temple of Machined Metal