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The Jungle Traverser

Honda XR 150 (2017)

Bob's Jungle XR. The one and only, best suited bike for getting from one end of Vietnam to the other, and having a little off road fun in the process.

The perfect bash it around, pick it up and keep riding motorcycle. Bob's been through many XR's and they are always reliable work horses. They've been on boats, small hand made bamboo pontoons, through crazy mountain passes with treacherous cliff side roads, 3 foot deep flooded roads and swamps, and every other wild situation you could possible imagine throwing at these things. They've seen it all and keep coming back for more. They also make great city cruisers with their streamline body work for ripping through the dense urban traffic. 

If you're looking for a bike that can do it all and bring you back in one piece, look no further. Put quite simply, the Honda XR is undefeated. 

This 2017 Honda XR is in great shape and seen minimal use, only making small runs up and down the coast near Da Nang. The bike is in A+ condition in every way. When you need a quick clean up and maybe some new parts if you put it through the ringer (as you should), swing by the Bamboo Bob Temple and we'll get the bike looking good as new again. 

For a great cross country road trip experience using the Honda XR, take a look at the "Vietnam End to End Jungle Adventure - Complete Outfitter Package" 


Bike is Available for pick up in Saigon, Da Nang and Hanoi. 

Buy-back option available if you want to ride & fly.  

Ship-home service also available. 

Ride safe.



     Purchase:   CAD $2,225   / VND ₫40.5 million 

     Monthly Rental:   CAD $375  / VND ₫6.8 million 

 Location:  Đà Nẵng - Temple of Machined Metal