Finally, a program that works for both large and small retailers

We offer a low-investment, low MOQ own-brand program, bringing superior direct trade coffee to retailers and organizations of all sizes. Read on to learn how to grow and expand your coffee business.

But First... What is Private Label?

In short, you select the coffee, approve the packaging, and sell or distribute the product under the new label we help you create. A form of contract manufacturing, private label is your own branded coffee from start to finish - delivered direct to your place of business.

The Bamboo Bob Private Label Program

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Still Not Convinced? Let's Crunch The Numbers!

Coffees, Blends, Roasts, Grinds and Formats. It's all up to you.

Who Benefits From Private Labeling?

1. Retailers: grocery stores (large and small), specialty food stores, fresh market chains.

2. Organizations: great for fundraising for clubs, churches, college & universities, schools, sports teams.  

3. Restaurant / Hospitality: restaurants, hotels, catering companies, cafés.

4. Alternate Businesses:  media organizations, recreational activity stores, any business with an audience wishing to monetize market reach. 

What Are The Benefits Of Private Label Coffee?

1. Most importantly - Exceptional microlot quality coffee with your branding to promote your business.

2. Complete control of the product. You can alter it in any way, at any time, because the you own the Legal rights.

3. Avoids all the issues with wholesale buying and then packaging because we handle that for you in house.

4. You're acquiring premium market tested products within the tried and true purchasing platform of Private Label, encouraging and increasing your success.

What Is Required For Private Labeling?

We're committed to working with companies of all sizes and all backgrounds. Our minimum order quantities are one tenth the industry standard and we offer our services at a fraction of the price.


1. A need or desire for private label.

2. Ability to commit to a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1000 units per variety / SKU.

3. Minimum lead time of 3 months from sign date to delivery.

Ready To Create Your Own Private Label Coffee?

Get in touch with us today to learn more and start the process of getting your private label coffee ready for market. We're here to help you every step of the way.