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Sealable Coffee Storage Jar

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Bob’s favorite airtight vacuum sealed coffee canister is carefully crafted with premium food grade stainless-steel metal with a metal clamp. Container flip top lid is made of high quality BPA-free plastic. This is the perfect vault for Dry Goods, Food, ground coffee beans, tea, flour, sugar, herbs and more!


  • One Way Co2 Valve: Built in air breather valves helps guarantee freshness of your coffee beans by keeping air out and free of harmful oxidation. One-way co2 release gasket is BPA-Free.
  • Integrated Coffee Spoon: Great for travel, this unique design attaches the spoon to the jar. Stainless steel coffee spoons with smooth silicone handles allows a perfectly measured portion for more precise brewing. 
  • Day & Month Tracker: Set the storage date or expiry date with the date tracker on the lid of the coffee canister to keep track of freshness.

Material                         Stainless steel
Dimensions (LxWxH)   5.04 x 5.04 x 5.04 inches
Capacity                         16 Ounces 
Volume                            1.5L