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Kinu M47 Coffee Grinder

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Elegance and precision. The two perfect words to describe the Kinu M47. This grinder is a perfect example of properly executed modern design paired with precision engineering. Everything from the smooth grinding action action of barrel, to the super fine grind setting adjustment wheel. It just feels perfect. The semi funnel coffee bean loader has no lid, yet coffee beans never seem to bounce out. The coffee grounds receptacle snaps securely in place by magnets to prevent accidental spillage, and the thumb stopper prevents any slippage whilst grinding. The grind setting wheel is amazingly simple to adjust and provides satisfying 'clicks' for each micro adjustment. Wether it be brewed coffee, or espresso, the grind will be consistent and uniform each and every time. It may not be the cheapest grinder, but it's by far and away the single best once we've tested to date. 


**From the Kinu people: 

  • High-end, stainless-steel single dose manual coffee grinder. 
  • Capacity up to 40g
  • Unique Morse cone principle full metal construction, resulting in the auto-centering of the burrs
  • Thumb stopper for easy handling.
  • Micrometrical, step-less reproductible and easy grinding adjustment with up to 50 divisions per revolution.
  • Stainless-steel, 11 magnets catch-cup and beans funnel.
  • 47mm professional grade conical burrs for fast grinding, Black-Fusion treated.
  • Ball-bearing movement throughout
  • All plastic parts made of Food-Safe ABS.