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The Perfect Gift Coffee Combo

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Great Coffee + Social Impact = the perfect gift 

  • Secret Santa / holiday parties
  • Friends & family
  • Businesses, clubs, any organization

Change your cup, and change the world!

Two great and different coffees, and pick your free extra - our amazing bamboo eco-cutlery kit (End the Plastic!) or a Phin, the traditional drip coffee maker (no paper filter needed).  

Turn Left at Khe Sanh is a western-styled, gorgeous red-earth 100% arabica from Quảng Trị Province, and will bring joy to the most demanding coffee lover.  Noble and intriguing arabica aroma.  Floral and honey notes, with toasted grain.  Subtle bitterness, low caffeine, and the taste of fields in summer at noon.  Medium Ground / 450g 

Lost by Lunch near Đắk Lắk  is the classic Vietnamese combination of robusta and arabica beans.  Rich, seductive aroma; sweet tones with pungency; balanced, with a mild bitterness and very smooth, lingering finish.  A truly superior quality, Vietnamese-style coffee.  Usually prepared with a little sweet milk, its a terrific addition to any coffee-lover’s morning routine.     Medium Ground / 450g 

Choose free extra:  either a traditional Vietnamese coffee drip filter (Phin), or a eco-cutlery kit.  Select "Style" using drop down (on left). 

Bamboo "End the Plastic!" Eco Cutlery Kit brings a thoughtful eco angle to this gift.  Highest quality bamboo utensil / cutlery items, made right in the village of the family growing the bamboo.  Great for your backpack, lunch bag or purse, and for gifting, events - any situation where a thoughtful and eco-inspired gift is appreciated.  

Vietnamese Traditional Coffee Phin is still the way great coffee is made in Vietnam.  Put some coffee in the filter, place filter on your favourite cup, add boiling water, sit back and relax.  Pure coffee pleasure arriving soon.  SIze 7 Phin / Stainless