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Timemore Pour Over Set

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Few things beat a good pour over coffee. Not only is the end cup nothing short of delicious, but the process of making the coffee itself can be just as satisfying. We've tested quite a few drippers, scales, and filter papers, and we've landed on a set up that we think brings a certain level of 'zen' and satisfaction to the morning ritual of brewing a fresh cup of coffee. 

Timemore products are built to a very high standard of quality and performance, and are equally aesthetic as they are functional. The complete pour over kit includes the BLack Mirror digital scale, Crystal Eye Dripper, 600ml decanter, and a pack of 100 Hario filter papers.  Each item in the kit is also available ala carte. 


**From the Timemore people:

Black Mirror: 

Scratch-resistant matte texture. Waterproof Silicone pad for insulation. LED backlight display. 

High precise sensor to guarantee accuracy. Accuracy of 0.1g for reliable Data Min : 0.5G Max: 2KG. Convenient timing - Easily control the coffee brewing for both espresso and pour over.

Crystal Eye Dripper:

New standards for professional extraction, achieve close fit with a unique groove structure. The features of close fit looks better than traditional ones and also makes the water run through more evenly, and make it easier for users to get a cup of evenly extracted coffee.

600ml Decanter: 

Made of high-insulation sodium calcium glass. Comes with rubber sealed glass cap.