• Producing Family Farmed, Organic, Hand-Picked Coffees

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Producing Family Farmed, Organic, Hand-Picked Coffees

Delivering Social Impact

Committed to Zero Footprint Sustainable Agriculture

Enjoy Great Coffee while Giving Back

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Development from the family up

The Bamboo Bob development philosophy is built on healthy families and strong, supportive communities, all wrapped in safeguarding the health of our favorite planet.


Change your morning cup, and change the world...

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Bamboo Bob - A Lifestyle

More than Coffee, Bamboo Bob Kickass Cà Phê Viet is your window into all things Viet Nam.

At the core, Bamboo Bob is a means to connect east and west through a way of life and all the great things Vietnam has to offer. Join Bob as he explores the vast landscape of Vietnam and shares his appreciation of the natural beauty of the country, and his love for the local food, rich culture, deep history, and warm and generous people.

About Bamboo Bob

Roots in Đà Nẵng

Explore with Bob

Rolling around, and writing it down

Stories by Bob

Today's Video : "Explore Vietnam From Above"

Join us

Maybe it's simply by enjoying our lush coffees. Or maybe you grab some of Bob's Jungle Gear, eco-designed gifts, or a coffee prep tool. Or perhaps you introduce Bob to your friends. Whatever it is, we are glad you found us and our movement to change this little corner of our shared world. And of course, we hope you will come and visit our farm communities - and see where each morning cup truly begins.