• Direct Trade, Family Farmed, Hand-Picked Coffees

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Direct Trade, Family Farmed, Hand-Picked Coffees

Social Impact Enterprise

Negative Carbon, Organic, Sustainable Agriculture

Great Coffee... with Purpose

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We are Direct Trade... From the Farm to You

Through Direct Trade with small local farms, we are able to fund the Bamboo Bob Foundation.
The development philosophy is built around healthy farming families within strong, supportive communities, all wrapped in safeguarding the health of our favorite planet.

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Change your morning cup, and change the world...

read about bamboo bob's social impact program

Purpose Driven - with Real Social Impact

If you are looking to make real change on both sides of the business equation, we have a place for you.

As a CausePreneur, your home-based coffee business can bring Coffee with Cause to your friends, family, and your local community. Even better, you will make real change in a distant community. Real income, real impact. Come and join our movement.

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Maybe it's simply by enjoying our lush coffees in your home. Or, perhaps you sell our direct-trade coffee in your store. But maybe, you want to Join the Cause, help Bob by spreading the word and building the Foundation, all while building your own fabulous coffee business. For all these reasons, we are eager to hear from you. And of course, we hope you will come and visit our farm communities - and see where each morning cup truly begins.