About Bamboo Bob

The Bamboo Bob Mission

We are on a mission to bring the best of Vietnam to the western world, to make lasting social impact across as many local communities as we can, and to find solutions and approaches that preserve and protect our favorite little planet.  

Put simply, two things are indisputably true.  The first is that farming families in Vietnam, like everywhere, get a pretty raw deal.  The second is that if you remove all the profit-takers between the farm and the table, the food consumer gets great fresh products at the lowest price, and the food farmer can get a fair dollar for their hard work. So, the goal of Bamboo Bob company is just to make that simple equation work again - for both sides.  

By joining us, you help bring about this change.  So grab some coffee for you and your friends, some organic cashews, or some of our eco-friendly bamboo utensils, which replace plastic and are negative carbon footprint.

Or, come and visit the farms, where we can outfit you for a complete jungle adventure in Vietnam.  From jungle hammocks to tricked out motorcycles, from complete outfitter kits to personalized travel services, whether you're an individual looking for great organic coffee, or a business looking for great new beans for your roastery, whether you live in Vietnam, or have never before thought to visit, we hope that we can help you get where you are going while improving this little corner of our shared world.

“In order to write about life first you must live it.”

 ~Ernest Hemingway