A Comprehensive Social Impact Program

Bob’s Philosophy on Making the Changes That Matter

The Bamboo Bob social change philosophy is built on three integrated concepts:  healthy families, living in strong, supportive communities, wrapped together with the goal of safeguarding and improving the health of our favorite (and so far, only) planet. Like a three-legged stool, pulling out any one part collapses the change effort. Likewise, any amount of effort on only one or two dimensions is insufficient to bring about the lasting change we all need.  So our ambitious mandate is to make simultaneous change across all three dimensions.  


Healthy families are the foundation. Not only in Vietnam, but everywhere.  The families Bamboo Bob supports grow great coffee. They grow cashew nuts.  They grow black and red peppers, and chemical-free tree fruits, and many other organic and low-scale natural, pesticide-free food products.  They grow bamboo to make zero (and even negative) carbon footprint products that can replace plastics in food service operations, reduce the dependence on unsustainable building supplies, and fix countless other eco issues within our modern, globalized, commercially-driven societies. 

In short, they produce the products and foods we love, and they benefit most when the proceeds of their work can be returned to their own families and communities. This virtuous circle is an excellent path forward for all of us. But it all starts with the family.  And the families we support grow coffee, and other things we all love.  So one way to start this in motion is to grab some of their great coffee.  We are here to make that easy.  (Jump to coffees)


Investment at the community level in sustainable development is the single most leveraged action that we can take.  Whether it is providing access to education and learning tools, or to healthcare for women and children who would otherwise not have access, providing resources at the community level has a multiplying effect throughout the local area and beyond.  

Fair payment to coffee farmers is also a great way to build a better community.  But whether you buy the coffee, or other naturally grown farm foods, or any of the other products and services from the Bamboo Bob network, proceeds always go directly to development at the community level. 


Agricultural production using natural methods, low carbon systems, and the promotion of better alternatives to plastics and other petro-chemical dependent products, is the cornerstone of our ecological effort. Inside food production countries, we help provide travelers with simple and convenient ways to reconnect with our natural environment, and fall in love with the incredible natural countryside.  For example in Vietnam, connecting people with the vast and culturally fabulous river deltas, and its huge ocean territories, is an important goal in our work.  If you have only a few weeks, you can come and visit the farms, and have a great travel experience using our Outfitter services and Jungle Gear products.  We hope you will visit us and the small farms soon.

All of these elements come together in the work of The Bamboo Bob Foundation.

The Bamboo Bob Foundation

Social Impact Program

Under the charter, everyone supporting the work of the Bamboo Bob Foundation provides their services without compensation.  The goal is to direct 100% of proceeds to the priorities above - early childhood education, and women’s and children’s health.  

On top of these practical and concrete investment activities, the Foundation will endeavor to use education and advocacy to bring attention and solutions to the fragile ecological issues that affect Vietnam's expansive East Sea ocean territories, and valuable food production river deltas. 

Education, Support & Advocacy

More than many other countries, Vietnam lies in a precarious position due to commercial development, decisions made outside the country, and climate change.  With its huge coastline and deep, fertile Red River (north) and Mekong River (south) deltas, the country will be adversely affected in some critical ways.  Upstream dam construction in Cambodia, Laos, and China, reduces water outflow into the deltas, at the exact same time as rising sea levels will create sea water inflows well upstream into the two huge freshwater aqua- and agriculture zones which are the breadbaskets of Southeast Asia.  

Unless the situation is addressed, the unique, ecologically sustainable, and commercially powerful interrelationship between land and river food production will be fully compromised, leaving both sides of the food and employment equation decimated. 

Direct Support

Donations can play an important role in getting the administration cost to zero, allowing the Foundation to provide greater than 100% of proceeds to the development priorities.  If you would like to support this work more fully, or have questions or comments, we welcome your contact.  Please see “Contact Bob” for all information.