Direct Trade

We are Direct Trade... From the Farm to You

Our direct trade model bypasses all middlemen buyers, sellers, agents, roasters, packagers - every single entity that stands between the cup of coffee on the kitchen table and the farm that grew the beans.

Direct Trade Social Impact

Why Direct Trade Matters

Some products are Fair Trade, some carry other certifications, and that is a step in the right direction.  But, the final step is to remove everyone in the middle, including the expensive organizations, certifications and processes that take money from either the farmer or the consumer to fund their activity.

So, we are 100% Direct Trade, from farm to cup.  

Supporting Small Farms

Through our Direct Trade model, our local food processing businesses within the farm communities, and the independent donations and generous support of great people like you, we are the (100% eco!) engine that drives the Bamboo Bob Foundation.  Learn more here

Directly Connecting Farms to Consumer Markets

If you just want a single bag of coffee, your purchase makes a difference to our farming community. Selling fabulous Bamboo Bob coffees in your store, market stall, or sharing with friends or family takes your contribution to the next level. Becoming part of our growing movement of independent business people, the organizations that make the final link to the homes of coffee lovers, is another way to provide valued support to farmers, their families, and the farming community. Please join the cause today.