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Do you know where your coffee comes from? 

Bamboo Bob works at the farm level, with the Vietnamese farmers and their families, to produce the best quality coffee beans and make lasting social impact within the local communities.

From small plot family farms in Khe Sanh in Quảng Trị Province in the mid-country, to entire village community co-ops in Cầu Đất and Cu M'gar,  Bob knows Vietnamese coffee and brings the best beans to you in every bag. 

Like great wine and its terroir (the terrain in which it is produced), coffee taste and quality comes from the earth, and the location means everything. Soil composition, elevation, even the angle of the sun at harvest.  To truly know your coffee, you have to know where it was grown.  

On each bag of coffee, you will find a Unique Code. Use the Bamboo Bob Farm Finder tool below to see exactly where your coffee is grown.

Turn Left at Khe Sanh

Coffee Unique ID Code: '8421310

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Lost By Lunch Near Đắk Lắk

Coffee Unique ID Code: 08421320

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Cafe Istanbul

Coffee Unique ID Code: 08421330

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