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Bamboo "End the Plastic!" Eco Cutlery Kit

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Highest quality bamboo utensil / cutlery items, made right in the village where the family growing the bamboo lives.  Great for your backpack, lunch bag or purse, and for gifting, events - any situation where a thoughtful and eco-inspired gift is appreciated.  Please share this item with your friends, and lets get rid of single use plastics worldwide.  

These sets have no metal items, no metal closures - just 100% natural, and 100% bio-degradable.  Avoid "non-100% natural" alternatives, and kits with metal or synthetic components that are not biodegradable, and not eco friendly!

Like all Bamboo Bob products, proceeds support development in the local farming community.

Reusable and very durable for long term use.  Dishwasher safe.