Bamboo Bob Now Available At Kitchen Table

(Spadina Village & Dupont Stores Only)

Bamboo Bob Coffee - New At Kitchen Table

Come into Kitchen Table and pick up your bag of Bamboo Bob Coffee. The first and only Direct Trade Coffee in store.

Enjoy great coffee and share with friends - together we change the world!

Direct Trade - Your money, direct to the farmer

… and, the farmer’s production, direct to your table.  No middlemen.  Kitchen Table is now sourcing these coffees directly from the farmers. As the only Direct Trade coffee in the store, every purchase ensures the farmer gets their fair share. Bamboo Bob sources its coffee from a small number of farms ensuring both superior quality for the customer and equity for the farmer.

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Rich, Incredible and Organic

Bamboo Bob coffee is incredibly rich in flavor all while being Organic, 100% sustainable and ethically sourced. Try our 100% Arabica coffee or our Traditional Vietnamese blend.

Coffee with a Purpose

These coffees were grown by our partner and life long friend Mr. Doan.  In addition to giving him top dollar for his wonderful coffee, an additional 10% of the proceeds from every purchase go to the Bamboo Bob Foundation, where we focus on two areas:  Education, and Women’s and Children's Health.   Right in Mr. Doan’s rural farming community.  This is what is possible with Direct Trade coffee, and your purchase makes it all happen. 

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New at Kitchen Table.

Grab some direct trade Bamboo Bob Coffee today!